Hello Jūlija,
We have just received the drawing by mail. Thank you so much! Your drawing is fantastic! We both like it very much! Thank you for the cooperation :)
Best regards, Dana
Dana Pontaka from Denmark, ordered a drawing for her friend

Dear Jūlija,
This morning my husband received the picture and cried like a baby... I am going to send you a photo to show how it fits the room. Thanks a lot! We can hand it down to our grandchildren!!!!! Regards, Inna
Inna Haas from Austria, ordered her portrait as a gift for her husband

Hello Jūlija,
I received the drawing today. Thank you so much, it is very beautiful! Best wishes ;)
Thank you,
Sincerely yours,
Gita Frolova

Hello! We received the drawing and we are veeeeery happy! Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic and unique painting! I think my father has never received such a wonderful present! :) Thanks a lot, hopefully we will work again, as my husband and I are thinking that we also would like to have something so beautiful on the wall! We will let you know as soon as we figure it out! :)
Signe Kalniņa, ordered a drawing for her father who works in Ireland.

Hello Jūlija! I received the drawing today. Thank you so much, it is very beautiful Best wishes;)
Thank you, Regards, Gita
Gita Frolova, ordered a drawing for her friend.

The caricature is great and I am very happy with it!
Santa Lavrenova, ordered a caricature for the design of the wedding journal

The newlyweds liked the caricature very much! It earned a lot of smiles and comments!
Kristīne Rugele, ordered a caricature for newlyweds

Jūlija, thanks a lot! It was very beautiful, I loved it!!! Next time I will order something like that for myself, I really liked it!
Jekaterina Sotnikova, ordered a caricature as a present for her friend's birthday

Hello Jūlija! Everyone liked it – the newlyweds and us! We wrapped it in transparent paper and put a big bow of golden foil paper – to match the frame... it was awesome!!! A photographer took a photo – I will send it to you as soon as he edits the photo. It was gorgeous!!! The bride looked as if it was a photo and not a drawing – a true copy!!!
Tatjana Šapošnikova, ordered a painting as a gift for newlyweds

Thank you for your wonderful drawing, everyone liked it, the newlyweds were thrilled! It will be a great memory from the wedding day.
The bride was happy that the hairstyle at the drawing was almost the same as her hairstyle on the wedding day.
I also posted your drawing on the cover of the wedding journal; it was both a nice gift and a great decoration of the wedding journal! ;)
Thanks again!!
Have a nice day,
Evita Ružāne

Thank you, everyone liked it, the newlyweds were thrilled! :)
Normunds Vadzītis, presented a caricature to his colleague for her wedding.

Great! Everything was awesome! My boyfriend loved the drawing!!!
Miana, presented a drawing to her boyfriend for his 23rd birthday.

Hello Jūlija,
Thank you, we liked it very much :) Not only the newlyweds, but also all the guests ;)
The newlyweds hung the painting on the wall on the following day :))) They say it cheers them up :)
Anna Grišina, Parex Bank, ordered a painting as a gift to newlyweds for their wedding

Jūlija, Today I received my caricature that you made for my birthday. It was and it is so wonderful that I am speechless. Thank you!!!
Marlena Zvaigzne, received a caricature for her birthday

Hello Jūlija,
Thank you so much, you created a truly great painting, both our boss and our staff liked it :) Cordial thanks! The boss said it was one of the best presents :)
Construction company "Pamats", the staff presented their boss with a caricature for anniversary of the company.

Thank you so much!!! I really like it – this is exactly what I wanted! I think I will work with you again (my brother is going to get married this year). So I am not saying goodbye!
Irina Deicmaine, presented her soulmate with a caricature for Valentine's Day.

Hello Jūlija,
I liked the drawing a lot and now I can't wait until I can give it to the "model" :) Thanks a lot! Best wishes!
Valentīna Kladere, ordered a drawing as a present to her father.

Hello Jūlija,
I liked the cartoon – very much! Thank you!
Best regards, Sandra Ivanova, presented her colleague with a caricature.

Hello Jūlija,
Everything was good, everyone liked it, and everyone recognised Jānis which was the most important! Thanks again!
Best regards, Ilga Elerte
Kuehne + Nagel Latvia, made a surprise for her friend for his birthday.

Dear Jūlija,
I would like to thank you; everyone was thrilled by your caricatures, you are truly a master of this style.
I will be happy to work with you again in the future!
Best regards, Kristīna Ivanova, ordered a drawing as a present for her mother.

Hello Jūlija,
We loved the drawing. We have already sent it to Vienna to greet the person celebrating the birthday!!! Baiba Prūse, Office Administrator
Kuehne + Nagel Latvia, ordered a caricature for the boss's birthday on behalf of all her colleagues.

Thank you, Jūlija! :)
The painting was great! Have a nice day!
Maruta Buksa, presented her sister with a caricature on her wedding day in England.

Dear Jūlija,
Thank you so much! We loved the drawing! Our boss was thrilled! She couldn't take her eyes off it! The painting was her exact copy and you conveyed her nature very well!!! All the guests were excited. Thank you so much, you are very talented! :)
Jekaterina Krisjansone, "Mego", ordered a drawing for their boss which was presented by their team.

Thank you, Jūlija! I am thrilled!!!!
Aiga Veckalne, SIA "Skrivanek Baltic", presented a colleague with a caricature for her birthday.

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