We can make coloured and black and white caricatures. The caricatures are made in А4, А3 or А2 format, depending on the presumed design and number of painted people. If you are planning to print our caricature on a T-shirt, a mug or a calendar or just print it out and showcase in a frame, you will need a manually drawn caricature in the classical style (with colours, ink) on paper which will be sent to you in digital format (to your e-mail address or copied on a CD).

At most two people can be drawn on a caricature of А4 format. If you are planning a lot of additional elements and more than one person in the caricature design, you should choose А2 or А3 format. А4 format is not suitable for this option.

А3 format can harmoniously contain up to 4 people and minimal design elements. If there are two people on a caricature of А3 format, it gives additional possibilities to arrange the design (there can be such elements as a car, a yacht, animals, etc.)

A caricature of А2 format can be of interest for those who would like to order a large drawing of a person with a big number of additional design elements and a big number of people (up to 8-10 people).

The order of a group caricature (over 10 people) drawn on А1 format should be discussed individually.

A4 black and white caricature

1 person
A4 black and white caricature

2 persons
A2 coloured caricature

8 персон
A3 black and white caricature

4 persons
A2 coloured caricature

1 person
A2 black and white caricature

8 persons
А1 black and white caricature

30 persons
Digital caricature
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