Artist at Events

A caricaturist drawing caricatures at a celebration is really engaging! Festivals and special events often vary in style, but an artist-caricaturist belongs everywhere.

The presence of an artist-caricaturist at a festive event will create a warm, positive disposition. People always gather round the caricaturist and watch the process of drawing caricatures. It always cheers the guests up and entertains them!!!

Not only does caricature drawing perk up all guests' mood, but also provides a guest with a gift – a caricature that he will take home as a memento.

Caricatures can be coloured (with a felt pen) or black and white with small coloured accents (a combination of felt pen and coloured pastel). During one hour at your event the artist can draw 12 black and white caricatures or 8-10 caricatures with coloured accents.

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